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Cordoba - What Spanish dish I have to try?


I am in Cordoba, Spain now. What is a ' must' dish I need to try. By the way,I am don't eat meat. I eat seafood thouugh and vegetables of course.

Thank you 

Cornwall, England

7 am: Walking along the seashore of the South West of England, with Michael Mounts; as the backdrop, with the sound of waves and the cries of seagull finding the first catch of the day. The smell of salty sea water fills the atmosphere. Wish I have my running shoe.

Now, back in the hotel room, drinking fresh filtered coffee with the background music of Arashi.  Pure bliss!  

8.30 am: Going to the restaurant for some English breakfast. Can't wait... xD

My new Secret Place~

The 2 consecutive festive days




It is Satoshi's day ~


What day is today ?

Satoshi's day...

To our beloved Riida: Ohchan,

Stay Genki and We will Support, Pray & Hope for More Success from now on...

Happy san-ju Birthday!


Lots and lots of love:
Iena - Eire-M'sia

Celebration time....


May minna-san stay genki & successful in the year 12 as well ~

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone ~

I have to stay in the workplace for the next 30 hours.  \ (> x <) /

'the sun is shining after months of cloudy, cold weather'

Need ARASHI to liven my live... ~

Saw Gantz CM, and my love the song and everything. Can't wait. And I saw kaibutsu CM, riida is so~ looking like a 16 year old. Kawaii.. ~ Who can imagine a 30 year ojisan becomes a 16 year old otouto    XD

Nande kore ya!!!

I am really excited to make traditional Christmas stuffed turkey, demo after browsing most shopping complexes, all turkey has sold out. Furthermore no chestnut! Nanniii kore!! ~

Tomorrow is Christmas and I have no menu    m ( ^ x ^ ) m 






Happy birthday (double dose!)


& me!  "throws confetti"

Wish ARASHI keep on growing and known internationally
Wish minna-san stay genki and adorkable
Wish for the future to be as bright as now and even brighter

Omedatou gozaimasu ARASHI

Love from iena - Ireland

`'Mood: happy despite I have to do 24 hours onsite work`'

Proud Arashian

I am so proud with Arashian. The latest Channel V Japan vs Korea 'Battle of the Pop', arashi leading with a comfortable voting number, to be exact   

101171 Votes,

the second place is kouhai - KAT-TUN with 84579.

Hontou ni sugoi!
A real applause for all Arashian that stay supporting Arashi (despite I am pretty sure half of the participant probably do not have Channel V air in her/his country; just like me ,... uwaaaa.... )

I hope someone can upload the channel V result into internet. ONEGAISHIMASU!